Useful Netapp commands

Here are some useful Netapp Storage Administation commands. Some commands are for experience netapp administrators. For learning purpose try these commands on Netapp simulator.

More commands on Netapp Administration Pocket guide.

  • license add xxxx
    • add license to a filer
  • df -h
    • displays volume usage in human readable format
  • df -i
    • displays inode utilization per volume
  • df -A -h
    • displays aggregate usage in human readable format
  • maxfiles
    • to increase the number of inodes in a volume
  • sysstat -us 1
    • begins a 1 second sample of the filer’s current utilization (crtl – c to end)
  • statit -b/-e
    • beings/ends a performance workload sampling [-b starts / -e ends]
  • nfsstat -d [-z]
    • prints nfs statistics since reboot (-z zeros out the counters)
  • nfs_hist [-z]
    • displays a histogram of nfs response latencies since reboot (-z zeros the counters)
  • aggr status -i
    • displays aggregate and volumes contained in each aggregate
  • date -u
    • displays date in universal time (UTC)
  • storage show disk -p
    • shows each disks primary and secondary paths if dual-looped
  • fcadmin device_map
    • shows where each disk is in the shelfs.
  • nfsstat -l [-z]
    • shows statistics per nfs client.
  • lun stats -o
    • shows lun workload statistics
  • lun show -m
    • shows lun mapping information
  • qtree stats
    • shows statistics per qtree
  • sysconfig [-a]
    • shows hardware configuration (-a is more verbose listing)
  • environment
    • display environment status on shelves and chassis of the filer
  • led_on 4a.17
    • illuminates disk led’s
  • disk_fw_update
    • update disk firmware (may require an downtime)
  • iscsi show initiator
    • shows connected iscsi initiators
  • rm /vol/vol0/some_file
    • The filer’s own rm command (only for files, not for directories)
  • version [-v]
    • check what OnTap version you are on. -v shows whether the kernel is optimized or not.
  • ndmpcopy /vol/vol0/qtree1 /vol/vol1/qtree1
    • use ndmpcopy to copy data from one volume to another
  • rdfile /etc/resolv.conf
    • shows the contents of text file

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