Solaris Flash archive can be used to backup a complete system or install from new machines from the archives [cloning  a system]. With Flash installation, you can create a single reference installation of the Solaris OS on one machine & that can be replicated as a new installation on any number of systems, called the Clones. This document shows how to create a flash archive image.

After you install the system with all packages you need and the data you need in it, you create the Flash archive. All the files on the system are copied to the archive along with various pieces of identifying information.  Command “flarcreate” is used to create the archive. The flarcreate command requires the -n name option and a file name for the archive.
Example: The -n options specifies the server name and -c option enables data compression.

# flarcreate -n mobile_server -c /export/home/mobilebackup.flar

   Determining which filesystems will be included in the archive…
   Determining the size of the archive…
   The archive will be approximately 3.12GB.
   Creating the archive…
   8713899 blocks
   Archive creation complete.

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