Penguin on Demand (or “POD”) offers end-users and SaaS providers a high performance, on-demand and scalable HPC computing environment accessible from their workstation or as a virtual extension to their existing HPC cluster. POD is an excellent choice for researchers, scientists and engineers who require surge capacity for time-critical analyses or for small to medium-sized organizations that need high-performance computing capabilities without the capital outlay and effort associated with acquiring their own HPC clusters.

POD is a high-performance, scalable, on-demand HPC as a Service environment with high-density compute nodes and high-speed storage. POD users have a persistent, load on demand, virtualized compute environment that runs on the head node and executes directly on the compute nodes’ physical cores. Both GigE and DDR high performance Infiniband network fabric is available. Jobs typically run over a localized network topology to maximize inter-process communication (minimum latency and maximum bandwidth).

POD users receive technical support from Penguin’s HPC experts, including application set-up, creation of the HPC computing environment, ongoing support, data exchange services and application tuning. Persistence storage is provided for storage of local data and user-defined, virtualized compute environments. An infrastructure to integrate POD Account and Billing Data Exchange Services is also provided. Additional services are available through Penguin’s Professional Services.

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