Most public clouds fall short when it comes to delivering a consistent and predictable level of performance. This is problematic for I/O intensive workloads and latency sensitive applications such as large databases. Ultimately, inconsistent performance leads to business issues including decline in competitive position, customer churn, lost revenue and higher IT costs.

Consistent cloud performance has become a key factor in choosing a cloud provider. To better understand differences in consistency among public clouds, Neovise and Cloud Spectator have partnered to complete performance testing and analysis on cloud services offered by Databarracks and Rackspace. The tests used to measure performance in these cloud environments were run for 15 consecutive days from June 5, 2013 until June 19, 2013, and focused primarily on I/O performance.

Based on the results of our research, Databarracks delivers a more consistent and predictable cloud hosting experience to its customers. The following report outlines the testing methodology and data that supports these conclusions.

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