In HPUX, xntpd is the daemon which sets and maintains the system time in synchronism with Internet standard time servers. xntpd reads the /etc/ntp.conf configuration file at startup time in order to determine the synchronization sources and operating modes.

The NTP startup script /sbin/init.d/xntpd will start ntp automatically, if you configure the NTPDATE_SERVER variable in /etc/rc.config.d/netdamons.

Sample configuration :

# grep -i ntp /etc/rc.config.d/netdaemons
export XNTPD=1
export XNTPD_ARGS=

# grep ^server /etc/ntp.conf

# ntptrace -n stratum 4, offset 0.000009, synch distance 0.01196 stratum 3, offset 0.000141, synch distance 0.01048 stratum 2, offset -0.000860, synch distance 0.00882 stratum 1, offset -0.000484, synch distance 0.00581, refid ‘GPS’

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