Here is a list of few benchmarking tools put together

  1. Bonnie++ : This is a benchmark suite that is aimed at performing a number of simple tests of hard drive and file system performance.
  2. Iozone : Iozone is a filesystem benchmark tool. The benchmark generates and measures a variety of file operations. Iozone has been ported to many machines and runs under many operating systems.
  3. Bonnie : This is a I/O throughput benchmarking tool
  4. lmbench : This is a simple and portable benchmarking tool, which analyzes memory, cpu of a system.
  5. Netperf : Netperf is a benchmark that can be used to measure the performance of many different types of networking. It provides tests for both unidirecitonal throughput, and end-to-end latency.
  6. Cachebench : Benchmarking tool for memory subsystem
  7. SIO : Netapp performance analysis and benchmarking tool.

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