1) Find number of processors in the machine.

# /usr/sbin/ioscan -k -C processor
H/W Path  Class     Description
160       processor Processor
166       processor Processor

2) Find the model of the hardware

# model

3) Find the network devices attached to the server

# /usr/sbin/ioscan -k -C lan
H/W Path  Class             Description
0/0/0/0             lan     HP PCI 10/100Base-TX Core
0/2/0/0             lan     HP A5230A/B5509BA PCI 10/100Base-TX Addon

4) List the device drivers in the system.

# lsdev
    Character     Block       Driver          Class
        0          -1         cn              pseudo
        1          -1         asio0           tty
        2           0         sioflop         unknown
        2           0         sioflop         unknown
        3          -1         mm              pseudo
        4          -1         iomem           pseudo

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