1) Get the quotas file from netapp

    [root@unixfoo-l-adm root]# rsh unixfoo-nfs1 rdfile /etc/quotas > /tmp/quotas

2) Edit the quotas file and change the quota for the required qtree.

    [root@unixfoo-l-adm root]# vi /tmp/quotas

    Example : Edit quotas as below

    /vol/vol1/qtree1  tree  250G  #(Old entry)


    /vol/vol1/qtree1  tree  300G  #(New entry)

3) Upload the quotas file to Netapp

    [root@unixfoo-l-adm root]# rsh unixfoo-nfs1 wrfile /etc/quotas < /tmp/quotas

4) Use Quota resize command to resize the qtree quota.

    [root@unixfoo-l-adm root]# rsh unixfoo-nfs1 quota resize vol1

5) Done.

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