Corrupt RPMDB and recovery

I tried to install some xml related rpms on my Fedora, so checked yum list to see what xml rpms are installed. But the system gave me the below error.

I inititally thought it was some issue with yum and its cache, so tried yum clean. That did not work!.

Taking a closer look, it sounded like rpm db is corrupted.

Deleted the __db* files and did a “rpm –rebuilddb”. It worked perfectly and I was able to do rpm and yum commands.

8 thoughts on “Corrupt RPMDB and recovery

  1. Hi I was having the same problem I dont know how . This worked and solved my problem thank you so much. I hope someday I can understand this OS like you do! Thanks again!

  2. Not working, Getting error: open Packages(0) index: Permission denied(13)

    This is as root, so I’m not sure why I’m getting a perm denied, unless it’s a generic error message about a deeper issue.

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